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International Emergency Preparedness, Notification and Communications Organization

Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical Companies, Shopping Malls

Note: In many cases the driving force behind moving to highly effective, integrated emergency notification systems, besides the obvious benefits, are federal regulations and an effort to reduce liabilities either by the companies themselves, or as requested by their insurance companies.

Prime examples of industries where EMCOM notifications can be an extremely cost effective solution include:
  • Chemical Companies (Including petrochemical companies) - To provide mandated notifications of chemical leaks, spills etc. to surrounding communities and emergency agencies.
    See SensAlert and ERIC GIS Mapping/Annotation System for more information.

  • Food Companies - For immediate notifications from local to nationwide for food contamination/recall situations.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies - For immediate notifications from local to nationwide for contamination/recall situations.

  • Shopping Malls - Simultaneous emergency notification of every store, restaurant, etc. in a mall or shopping center, as well as electronic sign warnings in stores and concourses for the public.

  • Office buildings - Simultaneous emergency notification of every tenant in large office buildings, complexes or office parks... or multiple buildings or complexes in a zip code, city, county, state or nationwide.
EMCOM provides a system which incorporates the fault tolerance of an integrated, yet geographically distributed system accessible from diverse locations and via diverse access methodologies, thus avoiding the pitfalls of single point systems which rely on the communications to and the facility housing them to remain undamaged and operational.

For chemical companies seeking to provide alerting within a prescribed radius of their facilities, the interface with EMCOM's network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators provides a means to have trained personnel coordinating emergency efforts, and a means to receive survey/situation reports concerning the situation through the system.

A key factor in the EMCOM system is its DIRECT ACCESS. Companies enter their alert directly into the system (via text) one time, and specify the targeting to be applied. The system automatically converts the text to voice for voice media notifications as applicable, and can automatically translate both voice and text to Spanish if so designated.

At a fraction of the cost of individually owned "dialer" systems which provide only voice notifications and are useless if communications to, or the facility housing the system itself are damaged, The National Emergency Alert Notification System can be accessed from almost anywhere, via a wide variety of means, insuring that your targeted audience always gets the message. Through use of EMCOM's satellite based interface to WeatherAlert All-Hazard radios and pagers, companies can insure that their alert is received within 90 seconds of issuance.


SensAlert allows the system to automatically generate pre-defined alert notifications to public/private emergency centers, hazmat teams and/or the public based on the activation of virtually any type of remote sensors or monitoring equipment including:
  • chemical tanks
  • pipelines
  • radiation detectors
  • flood level sensors
  • air quality sampling equipment
  • intrusion detection devices
As with all alert notifications, messages can be generated based on entity, type and/or group of entities, geographic area or any viable combination of the above. (More Information)

Full participation includes the following notification methodologies Click here for details:

Click HERE to see Design Characteristics
Click HERE for Design Specification and Compliance Proposal

EMCOM is already providing free emergency notification (NOAA Weather, breaking news, etc.) to thousands of people in communities across the country. As such, we are probably already communicating with your citizens (including live broadcasts). Many may already be participating in our Community Emergency Preparedness Program. Shouldn't your Emergency Operations Team be able to reach them as easily?

Join the nationally integrated, coordinated alerting system designed to provide "million dollar notification system" capabilities at a cost that meets the fiscal capabilities of virtually any company. There is no hardware or software to purchase or install, no additional facilities or technical personnel required to administer or maintain the system. We can have your organization operational within hours of receiving your order.

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